A Statement from the Ohio Local History Alliance

The last several months have been unlike any others we have ever experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Stay at Home order and shutdown of museums. The Ohio Local History Alliance is continuing to work with other state historical and tourism related organizations to communicate with state officials the need for our member organizations to safely reopen in the near future. We will keep you, our membership, up to date on this situation and will continue to provide resources to help develop and execute your reopening plans safely for your staff, volunteers and visitors.

The racial tensions that have escalated across much of the country have added to the uneasiness of this difficult time. Some of our members have been directly affected by the protests and in a few cases, by the vandalism that have resulted from some of the protests.  It is during these times of crisis that the need and value of museums is emphasized.

The Ohio Local History Alliance is committed to supporting museums and historic sites as places of community heritage, conversation, safety and healing that welcome visitors of all races and backgrounds. We call upon our members to actively continue their growth as better stewards of diversity, inclusion, equality and access. 

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