Alliance Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings Going Virtual in 2021!

Attendees at 2016 Region 9 Meeting seated in rows.

At the heart of the Ohio Local History Alliance’s mission are Regional Meetings. The people you’ll meet and the ideas you’ll gather will inspire you, connect you to others in the field, and educate you — so you can do an even better job of preserving and sharing your community’s history.

With the wellbeing of all potential attendees in mind and to ensure meetings are able to occur in some capacity, this year’s regional meetings will be held virtually rather than physically. For the reasons of practicality, two regional meetings will be combined into one virtual meeting. Regional representatives from each region will be collaborating to plan the joint meeting and find speakers that mutually serve the needs of those regions represented.

Virtual meetings will continue to function similarly to in-person regional meetings with a business meeting, elections, two presentations, sharing time, and a “tour” of the host sites. Meetings will continue to be held on the usual Saturdays they are planned for annually.

The schedule for the 2021 meetings is:

  • March 6: Regions 5 & 10
  • March 13: Regions 3 & 4
  • March 20: Regions 8 & 9
  • April 10: Regions 2 & 6
  • April 17: Regions 1 & 7

With the move to a virtual platform and the understanding of the difficulties this past year on our organizations throughout the state, registrants will be asked to make a donation to attend the meeting, at a level from the normal $30 registration fee to as low as $5. No-cost registrations will also be available on request.

Look for registration to open in January, as usual. We thank the membership for their understanding and look forward to seeing you digitally in the spring for our virtual regional meetings.

Past Regional Meetings

Access resources from past Regional Meetings.