2016 Regional Meetings

Maggie Marconi discusses disaster planning at the Region 2 meeting, 2014
Maggie Marconi discusses disaster planning at the Region 2 meeting, 2014

Alliance Regional Meetings take placeĀ in March and April every year, and are a fantastic way to connect with other local history organizations and professionals in your geographic region!

2016’s theme for the meetings is “Connecting the Community:”

In 2016, the Ohio Local History Alliance is inviting historical organizations to connect with their communities. For historical organizations and museums to be successful in the future, it is critical that they become important members of their communities today. Historical organizations must develop strong connections between themselves and the community. These connections can enrich their communities by developing relationships built on education, understanding, and respect amongst all members of their communities. Historical organizations have the necessary tools to bring people together and strengthen their communities. Accept this invitation to attend the Alliance’s 2016 regional meetings and discover innovative ways to connect your community.

For more information, and to learn how to register, visit our Alliance Regional Meetings page.




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