Electronic Membership Cards

Email-IconIn 2014, the Alliance will be moving away from traditional printed membership cards in favor of electronic cards. In order to receive a current membership card, your organization must have a valid email address on file with the Alliance. All members are asked to update their email contact information as soon as possible by contacting Tameka Burke at tsheline@ohiohistory.org or (614) 297-2340.

How do I know if the Alliance has my organization’s email address on file? A quick answer is: If you are receiving electronic issues of the Local Historian, we have your email address. If you are not receiving the Local Historian, you are missing out on a wonderful member benefit, and soon, your membership card will expire without a replacement. Don’t forget–as an added benefit Alliance members receive discounts from select archival and museum suppliers. In order to take advantage of these discounts, members must have a current email address on file with the Alliance.

So, if you don’t have an email address, what should you do? Take a moment to visit one of a number of free email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Mail and Zoho to name a few. Read more about Internet safety and how to protect online accounts here, and for additional help, contact your local public library.

Email-Icon by Yoel Ben-Avraham is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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