2020 Annual Meeting Resources

History is Happening Now!

Session Resources from the 2020 Ohio Local History Alliance Virtual Annual Meeting

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Recorded Friday, October 2

The Urgency of Now: Taking Risks to Serve Your Community – Melanie Adams, Anacostia Community Museum

Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony

Thursday, October 1

Transformative Women Who Brought Us to Where We Are Today – Jeannine Vegh, Ohio Women’s History Project

Bringing Your Website Out of the Dark Ages – Scott A. Britton, Executive Director, The Castle Historic House Museum

Building a Community Photo Album—SOA Track – John Dewees, Supervisor Digitization Services, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Documenting and Conserving Ohio’s Outdoor Sculpture – William C. Barrow, The Sculpture Center

Self-Guided Tours and Alternatives to Historic House Museum Experiences – Amanda Manahan, Museum Educator & Tour Coordinator, Oberlin Heritage Center; Margaret Piatt, Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek; Melissa Karman, Director, The Sutliff Museum

#TogetherApart: Processing a Pandemic in the Kenyon Community—SOA Track – Abigail Tayse, College & Digital Collections Archivist, Kenyon College

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Beyond Maps: How to Bring Emotional, Disturbing, and Poignant Primary Sources into the Classroom – Traci Manning, Curator of Education, Mahoning Valley Historical Society

Bringing University-Style Discussions to a Historic House – Abigail Zhang, Marketing Manager, Harriet Beecher Stowe House; Christina Hartlieb, Executive Director, Harriet Beecher Stowe House; John Getz, Professor Emeritus, Xavier University

Safety First: Prioritizing Safe Practices for Conservation—SOA Track – Kim Hoffman, Preservation Librarian, Miami University

Relevance In a World With Bigger Problems Discussion – Terrie Puckett, Executive Director, The Grail in the U.S; Greg Palumbo, Executive Director, Lakewood Historical Society

Friday, October 2

Marking Time in Alliance: YouTube on a Shoestring – Karen Perone, Publications Chair, Alliance Historical Society

Achieving Inclusion through Community Engagement: Two Case Studies from Northeast Ohio – Barbara Piscopo, Executive Director; Kaitlyn Donaldson, Collections Supervisor; and Maria Carrion, Board Member; Lorain Historical Society; Meghan Reed, Director, Trumbull County Historical Society

Let’s Try This Again: Revamping Oral History at Warren County—SOA Track – Jen Haney Conover, Warren County Records Manager/Archivist and Jenifer Baker, Deputy Archivist, Warren County Records Center and Archives

American Indian Relations Policy and Best Practices – Ben Garcia, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer and Stacey Halfmoon, Ohio History Connection

How to Research a House – Susan Daniels, President, Norwood Historical Society

Restoring the Past for the Future—SOA Track – Corinne Johnson, Records Center and Archives Manager, Abigail Holman, Imaging Technician, and Sophia McGuire, Special Projects Coordinator, Licking County Records Center and Archives

Interpreting Vanished Historic Sites: Junction Earthworks 2.0 – Dr. Jarrod Burks, Director of Archaeological Geophysics at Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc.; John Hancock, University of Cincinnati-CERHAS; Jose Kozan and Iara Kozan, Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Virtual Grounds Interactive

Listening for Local Religion – Isaac Weiner, Co-Director, American Religious Sounds Project, The Ohio State University; Lauren Pond, Multimedia Coordinator, American Religious Sounds Project, The Ohio State University; Vicki Brennan, ARSP Community Engagement Board Member, University of Vermont; Ely Lyonblum, ARSP Community Engagement Board Member, University of Toronto

Experiencing War: A Project to Preserve and Make Accessible Oral Histories of World War II – Nick Pavlik, Curator of Manuscripts/Coordinator of Strategic Digital Partnerships, Center for Archival Collections; and Michelle Sweetser, Head Librarian, Center for Archival Collections; Bowling Green State University Libraries

Saturday, October 3

#StarkTuscMuseumsUnite – Anna E. Young, Massillon Museum; Christy Davis, Canton Museum of Art; Kimberly Kenney, William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum; Jennifer Highfield, National First Ladies’ Library

The Legacy of Charity’s Children: Discovering a Family’s Leadership in Dayton, Ohio 1802-2020 – Sherri Goudy and Patricia Smith Griffin

It CAN Happen to YOU: How Good Collections Management and a Disaster Plan can Aid in Disaster Recovery – Natalie Fritz, Curator of Library and Archives; Kasey Eichensehr, Senior Curator; and Virginia Weygandt, Director of Collections; Clark County Historical Society

Youth Volunteers-Ya Gotta Love ‘Em! – Sheri Friesner, Historic Village Manager and Chris Lankenau, Curator of Education, Sauder Village