Ohio History Connection Deaccessions

The Ohio History Connection (OHC) is conducting a thorough inventory and review of furniture in its permanent collections. Objects that do not meet criteria set forth in the OHC Collecting Plan are being deaccessioned. In an effort to keep objects in the public trust, and support the missions of local history organizations, we are offering deaccessioned furniture pieces on a first come, first served basis to institutional members of the Ohio Local History Alliance.

Please use the attached link to examine the descriptions and photos of each piece. If your organization is interested in any of the items, please contact Alex Betts at the Ohio History Connection. There is a two month time limit to make a claim on an object from the time the batch is listed online. A representative from your organization will be responsible for making arrangements to pick up any object(s) in Columbus.

List of Deaccession Items

Pictures of Deaccession Items

The deadline for this batch is June 19, 2019!

If you have questions, please contact:

Alex Betts, abetts@ohiohistory.org
Cliff Eckle, ceckle@ohiohistory.org, 614-298-2053

Contact Andrew Hall, ahall@ohiohistory.org or 614-297-2359 with questions or to arrange pickup.