Our 2012 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Dan Shilling

This year, the Ohio Local History Alliance is excited to welcome Dr. Dan Shilling as our keynote speaker to the 2012 Annual Meeting and Conference!  The author of Civic Tourism: The Poetry & Politics of Place, Dr. Shilling works with communities to reframe the role of tourism as an enabler of healthy place-making, not only an economic tool.  In addition to economic development, tourism can help communities preserve cultures, protect the environment, save historic districts, encourage citizen participation, and, in general, foster a healthier quality of life.  Dan Shilling has researched, written about, and practiced alternative forms of tourism since the 1990s, and spent nearly 15 years as the Director of the Arizona Humanities council, where he wrote extensively on heritage tourism.  For more on civic tourism in Dan’s own words, check out this great interview with him in Legacy Magazine.  We hope to see you in October!



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3 Replies to “Our 2012 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Dan Shilling”

  1. Larry Suttman

    I’m the Curator of our local Historical Society, and I am quite aware of the importance of sharing information and education. My question: Your web site seems to be out of date as far as announcements etc. Is there a reason for this, or is it available only to members?

    • wzucal

      Here are my thoughts, and let me know if you agree.


      Thank you for your feedback. We welcome all comments as a way to network with our fellow history colleagues.

      We are very excited about our website, which is relatively new and a result of a Strategic Plan successfully completed in the last five years for the Ohio Local History Alliance. The challenge we face is to put into motion a website that represents a large, diverse, dynamic organization of historic sites and museums across the entire State of Ohio. We agree with you – we have much more work to do on the site, but we realize it is a process and we are continually upgrading the site. Your feedback helps us understand what is important to our audience. Great progress will be made in the near future as we are in the process of hiring a dedicated technology intern, funded by the Ohio Humanities Council to specifically build-up the website, and make it more current.

      So, thank you for your patience and most especially, thank you to the Miamisburg Historical Society for being a member of the OLHA.

      Wendy Zucal, 21st Century Co-Chair

  2. Larry Suttman

    . My question: Your web site seems to be out of date as far as announcements etc. Is there a reason for this, or is it available only to members?

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